Living and working as an Artist in Eindhoven and represented in Amsterdam The Netherlands



School of Graphic Art Eindhoven

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp



Stef Fridael is a Dutch Contemporary artist born in Indonesia. He studies in the 70s at the School of Graphic Art in Eindhoven The Netherlands. After his studies he works as an Graphic artist but after a couple of years he decided to goes in military service. After his military service he picks up the profession as an artist, joins the artists group "Zesde Kolonne" who have residence in Eindhoven and studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Stef Fridael meanwhile has exhibited in various Galleries, Museums and Art-Institutions in the Netherlands, Monaco, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Iran and the Ukraine.

Artist Statement

Making art, doing art is like oxygen I can’t do without. It ensures the liberation of the mind that a person needs sometimes to function. In my art it's all about the instincts of Living Creatures. Fear, lust, safety, abuse, courage, to be or not to be. In clear words power, prestige and status. For my inspiration I often use images displayed around me in a context of twisted images dictated by TV, the Internet and other media. I want to make art about contemporary concerns, what keeps us busy and we philosophize about. I want to explore what living beings engaged, find a relationship between human and animal. With this I attempt by the work to loosen discussion on a given image or experience. The society and his subcultures for me is often first in line if I search for inspiration. And one of the most interesting processes, when creating my works, is investigating the truth of the matter where it needs to go on. There is happening so much today to paint on, it is an inexhaustible source for contemporary art with paint as a source for communication. Those imaginative power is what triggers me. 

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2016 Flipside Podium Strijp-S Veemgebouw.

2016 Kunstakademie Dusseldorf Germany.

2016 Neuropa Exhibition "Plastic All Over The

         World" Dresden Germany.

2016 Museum Kruysenhuis Oirschot NL Group


2016 Art Gouda in the old orphanhouse. Artist in

         Residence and exhibition at 1 June.

2016 Gogol Art Exhibition at Ivano-Frankivsk


2016 Solo Exhibition Museum Kruysenhuis


2016 AK47 Exhibition Cultureel Centrum 252cc

         Ekeren Antwerpen Belgie.

2017 Exhibition PORTO FRANKO cultural festival

         in Ivano-Frankivsk Ucraine 

2017 Wolfs in Wolfs Wolverhampton Great Britain.

         Artist in Residence and exhibition.

2017 MusicMatch & Art Dresden Germany. Group


2017 Neuropa Exhibition "Plastic all over the world"

         Kyoto Japan

2017 Nasty Woman Amsterdam.

2017 Plastic all over the World Annaberg Germany

2017 “15/15/15 AKTIVISm” anniversary exhibition

         Galerie KulturAktiv Dresden Germany.

2017 Kunst Society "InDenWittenHandschoen"

         hedendaagse kunst in Het Oude Slot Zeelst.

2017 Van Abbehuis IDENTITY II, Eindhoven Art

2018 15/15/15 AKTIVISm Galery KulturActiv

          Dresden Germany

2018 Van Abbehuis IDENTITY II, Eindhoven Art

2018 Exercises With Stones, Poster Art Project

         in Galerie Die Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz


2018 KunstSociety "InDenWittenHandschoen"

         contemporary art in Het Oude Slot Zeelst.

2018 Landgoed Bronbeek met 1984

2018 Elephant Man preparations Leicester Great


2018 Artist in Residence Echo Chambers Dresden

         tour Germany, Tsjechië, The Netherlands 

2018 Vliegers in ruimteCEASUUR Middelburg

2018 Haus Der Niederlande Munster Germany 

2018 The Environment&Human International

         Festival of Visual Arts Iran

2019 KunstSociety "In Den Witten Handschoen"

         contemporary art in Het Oude Slot Zeelst.

2019 Fortune Favours the Brave: Solo Exhibition

         Gallery and Artspace De Beeldentemmers,

         Budel The Netherlands

2019 Exercises With Stones in Art Spot KORIN,

         Kyoto Japan

2019 Ostrale Echo Chambers tour Germany-


2019 OSTRALE Kunst Bienale Dresden Germany

2019 De Kunst van het Verwerken: Markiezenhof

         Bergen op Zoom The Netherlands

2019 Over Leven: Solo  exhibition Embassy of Art

         Amsterdam The Netherlands

2020 Willem Twee Kunstruimte Spiegelzaal solo

         Den Bosch The Netherlands

2020 Openpoortendag Buggenum The


2020 Ostrale Echo Chambers tour Exhibition 

         in European Capital of Culture Rijeka Kroatië

2020 Solo exhibition Embassy of Art Amsterdam

         The Netherlands.

2020 Patterns of Work, Group exhibition in Gallery

         Die Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz Germany.

"De schilderkunst is dood,

 leve de schilderkunst"

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